Veterans Life Changing Services


Our Mission

To offer excellent, cost-effective clinical and social services to Northwest Indiana and Illinois Veterans and their families.

Our Goal

The goal of Veterans Life Changing Services is to provide eligible Northwest Indiana and Illinois service men and women with transitional housing as well as permanent accommodation opportunities; to offer effective clinical services for mental well being; and to make available skill development training that results in gainful employment.

Our Philosophy

To nurture each Veteran's emotional and spiritual well being, while helping them develop their lives and coping skills. This focus is designed to directly impact their ability to lead self-sufficient, productive, drug-free lives.

Core Values

  • Recognizing each human being as a person of immeasurable worth and value.

  • Acknowledging that individual growth and development occurs best in settings that address the whole person

  • Understanding that providing meaningful work is a significant way to affirm and develop each person's potential skills and abilities.

  • Transforming negative human experiences into positive means for changing lives.